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Cashew Nuts: The Perfect Snack to Keep You Healthy

There are a lot of nuts that are a good choice to eat if you are doing a keto diet, as they are typically high in fats and proteins as you keep yourself low on carbs. However, you may need to evaluate some nutritional values and information for each nut, such as cashews, before deciding whether you can include them in your keto diet program. So, are cashews good for keto?

Generally, nuts are usually keto-friendly. However, you do need to be careful of taking too many carbohydrates, as eating too many nuts can make you go over your macro. But as far as nuts are concerned, cashew nuts have one of the highest carb counts. They also have less fat than any other nuts like pecans. Meaning that if you eat too many of them, you might risk going over your diet plan.

So to decide if you can include this delicious nut on your keto plan or not, you may need to have a look at other foods you plan to eat on any given day. Also, you may need to lessen your carb intake for other meals or snacks to safely eat a handful.


How Many Cashews Can I Consume In A Day?

The number of cashews you can safely take as a snack or as a part of your meal while on keto without messing up your macros is depending on the other food that you plan to eat and take during the day. This also includes the carbs per day you have allotted yourself. However, for most individuals, it’s safe to assume that it is best to only eat a few cashews.

Some people are following a keto diet that usually avoids cashews entirely, simply because it is easier to stick to your macros when you choose nuts that are lower in carbohydrates. If you still want cashews in your diet plan but want to keep them limited, they are great to just add to your meals. Just do remember that just 1 ounce of cashews contains nearly 9 grams of carbohydrates already. So better take it on a minimal.

And although cashews are higher in carbs than most other nuts, they do provide a wealth of other health benefits like preventing cancer, diabetes, heart disease, asthma, degenerative eye disease, and more. This is why it is best to consider making them part of your keto diet plan, even if doing this necessarily cuts you on your other carb sources on any given day.

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