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Why Do You Need Bone Broth in Your Keto Diet

Hearing the word bone broth can be a bit weird for some people. But having this included in your keto diet program can give you a lot of health benefits.

Bone broth is your usual everyday appetizer that’s being served together with your favorite main dish. And this is simply called soup.

But why do you need to have a chicken bone broth or any kind of broth included in your dish for your ketogenic diet? Here are some reasons why.

  • Bone Broth is good for digestive healing – If you do have ongoing digestive issues, the natural collagen, and gelatin in bone broth can help it heal and seal your intestines, enabling them to efficiently get more nutrition from the everyday food that you consume.
  • Boosts your immune system – Having amino acids, glutamine, glycine, and lipids in a bone broth can be very useful for your body to fight off infections and produce white blood cells.
  • Gives you better sleep – Most bone broths contain glycine which has been shown to help you sleep better during the night.
  • Healthy Skin, Teeth, and Hair – The natural collagen and gelatin on a bone broth help your skin, teeth, and hair look good and healthy.
  • Provides you appetite control – Having a hot cup of broth before eating dinner when you get home from the office and feeling hungry can give you that satisfying and full feeling. This is mainly good especially if you are doing some intermittent fasting into your diet.
  • Affects your Keto Macros – Depending on the bones used, amount, or level of water, bone broth generally comes in at around 70 calories per cup, with 4-6 grams of fat and 4-6 grams of protein, and its carbohydrates free.
  • All the electrolytes you need for your keto diet – In case you don’t know, but electrolytes are essential if you are into a keto diet. So for people who are stalling, holding weight, and feeling down or awful is usually low on electrolytes. Broths are usually made up of sodium, potassium and salt that can give you the electrolyte boost that you need for your everyday routine.

I hope that this convinces you to add a chicken broth or any kind of broth to your ketogenic routine. Check out our favorite bone broth here!  Order, and it will be delivered right to your door! 

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