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Erythritol: Is It Good For Keto - Try This Keto

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Erythritol: Is It Good For Keto?

If you are in a keto diet program, eliminating or removing carbs and sweets can be hard. Craving and dreaming about a dessert can sometimes be very impossible to avoid, but that doesn’t mean you cannot indulge yourself in some sweet treats anymore.

Erythritol is one of those good alternatives. This sweetener which is low in calories and very low-carb is generally perfect for those who are into a keto diet. 

Generally, erythritol is a type of food additive that is also known as “sugar alcohol”. This name can be misleading sometimes since this is not really sugar or alcohol like most people think.

Erythritol was discovered 150 years ago, but it was not produced commercially until the 90s. Erythritol has a 65-70 percent sweet taste of table sugar, but even though it tastes like sugar, it does not give you cavities or tooth decay in any way.

Erythritol is a good alternative to sweets if you are in a keto diet program since it has close to zero net on carbohydrates and provides health benefits.

What are its health benefits? Erythritol is a good antioxidant. It acts as an antioxidant that hunts down on free radicals, preventing the destruction of your red blood cells.

It is also good for those people who have type 2 diabetes. As it delays gastric emptying, reducing the absorption of glucose from the small intestine, and improves muscle glucose uptake.

Erythritol helps hydrate your colon, protects the intestinal tissue, and purifies your colon from pathological organisms.

So if you are planning to buy erythritol as a sweet alternative while on keto, do make sure to look closely at the product package. Make sure that erythritol is the only ingredient without the fillers like dextrose or maltodextrin since those two can raise your blood sugar levels.

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