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What Happens When I Hit My Target Weight

Now that you are already doing the keto diet and you have achieved your goal, you may be asking: “What now?” “What would be my next steps?” Let us now find out the best answers to these questions, shall we?

So technically, when you already reached your target weight, you just don’t stop there and go back to your usual eating habits. Because when you do that, your weight will for sure go high, and you will be back to zero all over again.

Here are the 4 tips that you can follow once you reach your goal on your ketogenic diet, and see if you can be able to consume food with carbs all over again.

  1. Keep going with your keto diet, but little or more food. A keto diet is perfectly safe for the long term and there is no real need to come out of ketosis if you do not want to. If you feel great doing the keto diet, then don’t quit.
  2. Now that you have lost your fat, switch to muscle gain. For you to be able to do this option, you’ll need to do some kind of resistance training (powerlifting, weightlifting, body pump classes, bodyweight conditioning, whatever you like). Then eat more food with calories and protein to keep your carbs low, and add more carbs as you do your workouts.
  3. Slowly transition to a low-carb (not keto) paleo diet. Technically, there’s a difference between “low-carb” and “ketogenic:” some people don’t have to actively remain in ketosis to stay at a healthy weight, as long as they stick with low-carb eating. To do this, the approach is to raise your daily carb limit by 10-20 grams, hold that for a week or two, and then reassess.
  4. Try to experiment with intermittent fasting. If you want to relax, this is the strategy to do. Just involve intermittent fasting with your maintenance keto, muscle-gaining keto, or low-carb Paleo, or whatever works well for you.

So there you have it. You do not have to worry about eating carbs again if you have already reached your goal on your keto diet. All you need is some planning and strategy, and everything will be great. To know more about the ketogenic diet, food, and other important tips, do visit our website today at

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